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Social Media

I recently met Alice and Gerald Zidek, a couple that live in Camps Bay, Cape Town but are originally from German. I had a great conversation with them about social media and their views on it was quite interesting. They wondered if people are really friends over social media or is it just a way to accumulate “friends” so that you seem important in someway.

It was a valid point. I could see where they were coming from, many use social media in a negative way but like everything in life, there is the bad and good side. Depends which one you choose.

They were a lovely couple, owners of two self-catering accommodations in Camps Bay (Atlantic Gold and Bayview). I will hopefully have another eye opening conversation with them again.


West Coast & Cederberg Mountain

West Coast & Cederberg Mountain

So I know we live in a beautiful country but WOW! South Africa amazes me sometimes. I came across this photo while doing some research on safari’s and I landed on a website (34 South Tours) and this image attracted me, i just had to click on it.

The photo is of West Coast & Cederberg Mountain. The Cederberg region is only two hours from Cape Town. Apparently the landscape is completely different: wilder, warmer with a raw, dramatic beauty. Next trip will definitely be to visit this place. i’m amazed by the pictures but I’m sure seeing it will be insane!

Protect Your Automotive Investment


My son has never been interested in paying for cover of any kind. He only sees as far as his nose and
wants the money in his pocket now. No matter what I tell him of my past experience, the belief that
“It won’t happen to me” is just to set in his mind for the time being. He won’t even get himself some
personal insurance at the very lest.

So I have now decided to look into it myself and find something affordable to at least give me some peace of mind. After looking into I’ve decided to take out some ford fiesta insurance (on my sons car), some ford bantam insurance (on my own car) and nissan micra insurance on my wife’s car. I found the premiums so low that I just couldn’t resist taking them all onto my own name, for a small price I can protect my whole family.


Insurance premiums

Life Insurance premiums can vary depending on the policy and your personal details at the time of taking out the policy. Your insurance premium will be calculated taking into account factors such as your age, weight and medical history.

Similarly, your life choices will also be taken into account. An important consideration is the job that you do. For example, someone who spends their days working in an office will likely pay a lower premium than someone, such as a construction worker who has a high risk job and should probably invest in disability cover. The same applies to life choices you make on a daily basis. If you’re a smoker, you’ll pay a higher rate than you would if you don’t smoke.

It’s good to bear in mind that because you can change your life choices at any point, your premiums are just as flexible. If you change your habits, then your cover and premiums could be affected. So, if you start or stop smoking, join or stop a high risk sport or activity, or change from one type of occupation to another, be sure to inform your insurance provider.

More and more companies are now offering insurance quotes directly to the public. This is advantageous because you can speak directly to the company that’s providing your cover to ensure that you understand exactly what you’re buying. The provider of your choice should be able to inform you of their different insurance portfolios such as critical illness cover and help you choose the best option for you as well as premium.


Computer Crash


Computer Crash

So my laptop has crashed!!!! BBM angry face! Gosh! its insane how much I need this device; anyway, I haven’t been able to blog because of it. I’m currently on the internet at Varsity searching for IT support as I think that my laptop might be fixable or that I can at least be able to get some of my folders from the laptop.

P.S. While searching for IT support, I came across a company called MOUSEHOUSE! lol. an IT company called Mousehouse! I though it was such a cool and funny name that I click on it. It’s actually a really cool IT support company for small businesses. Anyway, I was attracted by the name (Big ups to the person who named it! instead of choosing a boring it name)

Just wanted to pop by and tell you why I haven’t been blogging. Hope you all are…

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PC support and computer repairs

ImageAre you constantly worried about PC support and computer repairs? Many businesses in Cape Town don’t need a full-time I.T. department at the office, but they need somebody to make sure that their computers are working. Mouse House I.T. support Cape Town has the perfect I.T. solution for you! When you partner with us, you will have professional I.T. consultants that can handle all your computer repairs, services and on site PC support.

Forge the career that you want


hotel schools in south africa

Throughout our school years, we constantly have our teachers’ and parent’s mantra “you need to pick a career” drilled into us. However, for the majority of us, we simply don’t know exactly what we want to do and many students have dropped out of tertiary institutions because they were coerced into an industry that had a narrow focus and did not gel with their personality.

In today’s world, we need to find degrees that provide us with a multitude of skills that we can constantly adapt and if this way of thinking appeals to you, then a career in hotel management needs to be considered.

Owing to the course being globally applicable and because hospitality is a far-reaching area of study, a broad range of skills need to be taught. The discipline calls for the integration of skills that will develop you into a knowledgeable, well rounded graduate, confident to take the next step forward into forging a successful career.

An international hospitality management degree will mold the left and right hemispheres of your brain to create a theoretical and practical thinker through which no problem will go unsolved. Whether there is a financial issue or the handling of a situation, owing to a language barrier, you will be equipped to deal with it cool and calmly.


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