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Winter Road Tripping

Road tripping through South Africa during winter can be amazing. While the rain doesn’t always make for favourable conditions, the scenery is breathtaking as mountainsides are filled with waterfalls and grass plains are deep green and filled with life. However, while it may make for optimal sightseeing, driving in winter can be a difficult task and it’s important to consider a few things before embarking in your South Africa car rental with unlimited mileage.

It’s important to remember the rules of the road in unfavourable weather – something that should be done all year round. Pay special attention to speed limits and following distance. Often it may be difficult to see on a typical winter day and it’s important to drive with your headlights on and be on the constant look out for brake lights ahead of you. Ensure that you’re break lights are working before hitting the road – just one of the many checks you should carry out before leaving.

Ensure you can see optimally at all times. Replace your windscreen wipers before you leave if need be and top up the wiper fluid to make sure your vision really is crystal clear. Concentrate on the road ahead of you at all times and if you find yourself getting tired or your vision blurry then ask someone else to drive for a while.

It’s important to keep stimulated during a road trip, especially during winter. However, often the line between stimulated and distracted can be blurred when making use of long term car hire in Cape Town and surrounds. Ensure that there is a constant flow of music or a radio channel that you like – it’s especially useful to tune into a channel that provides up to date traffic reports.

Traffic during winter is particularly hectic and this is when having music in the background is useful. Avoid the traffic all together and pull over in a safe and preferably dry spot to enjoy the contents of that flask or to study the map for the duration of the journey. If you do plan to stop off on the side of the road then don’t stop on a shoulder, especially in bad weather. Ensure that your car is completely off the road and remember that a yellow line should only be used for emergencies.

When it’s cold we expend more energy and so do our cars which is why you need to keep supplies for both people and the car itself in the event of an emergency or just to hold both over on a long trip. At least if you make use of reputable car hire in South Africa you can rest assured that your car will be in good condition from the moment you embark on your winter road trip.

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Car hire in Cape Town

long term car hire in cape townMy family and I were planning a holiday in South Africa. We were flying from abroad so we needed a car for the three months that we would be staying there. I came across many car rental businesses, but what caught my attention was that Drive Africa offered 4×4 rentals as well as long term car hire in Cape Town which is exactly what I was looking for.

The highlight about the whole package is that you get unlimited mileage, as my family and I will be travelling a lot in South Africa as it is our first time visiting the country so there is lots on our to do list. For any tourists this really is the best most convenient option.

I was very impressed with Drive Africa’s service, they were efficient and our long term car hire in Cape Town is now booked and awaiting our arrival. For anyone looking for car rental companies I highly recommend this company as there prices are very good as well as their service is outstanding.

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