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Advantages of Renting a Car

Cars were once upon a time treated as a luxury, but today it is more a necessity. Commuting from one place to another can be done by road, rail, water and air. Most often when you leave your home to go for a business trip or a holiday you use the means of communication that suits your travel style. In the States, people travel to various parts of the country and return back home the very day. All this is possible when you plan your trip well. Your flight tickets are booked and you have a car to drive around.

People prefer driving in autos to save time. It is convenient to drive around the place than to rely on public transports. When travelling to another place away from your home, people prefer renting a vehicle instead of using their own auto. There are many advantages of renting a motor. You can rent a car for an hour to a couple of days or months. Depending on your choice and preference you can also pick a rented vehicle that you want.

You have to worry about the maintenance, oil change and check-ups when it’s your own automobile. But when you rent a motor all you have to worry about is driving safely and returning the automobile on time. The other factors relating the vehicles performance and maintenance are the car rental agency’s worry.

There are some requirements and criteria that you should meet to get a auto on rent.

· As per the law, in the United States of America, one is eligible to get a rented automobile only when he or she is 25 years and above.
· He or she has to own a valid drivers license.
· The person renting a motor should own a credit card and should also have life insurance.
· An advance fee for the car rental should be paid on or before you start using the car.

If you meet the above mentioned criteria you should be able to get a car on rent. Some car agencies however have different rules and they might have some more criteria included as well. Read all possible paper work and terms and conditions involved before you pick the rented car.

You must have a good look at the car you are about to take on rent. The outer appearance at times is not so attractive. There might be a lot of scratches and dents on the car. The car engine is something you must worry about. Most car rentals have the engine in good condition and that’s what should matter. The outer looks of the car if not in a good shape can be considered but there should be no compromise done with the car engine.

The best part about rental cars is that if you are not pleased with the car, you can ask for a replacement and get another car which you find satisfactory. There are a wide variety of cars that you get in car rental agencies. You can get an expensive car, a basic car, a small car, a minivan, a caravan or even a truck if you are shifting your things from one place to another. At times you are even given a discount on rates if you are not very happy with all the car models the car rental agency has. Car rental agencies are very helpful and you realize their importance when you are at a new place without your car.

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Driving Through Cape Town

Visiting South Africa’s Mother City? Take it from a local – you’re going to need an independent set of wheels. When you’re on holiday in this city the sites are scattered far and wide, and you don’t want to miss out on anything special simply because you haven’t got your own transport. Cape Town car hire is an imperative part of planning your vacation, right up there with accommodation.

Renting a car in Cape Town is not difficult but you need to book in advance if possible as this place gets ultra busy when the end of year party season and the heat of summer collide.

You may want to collect your hired car at Cape Town International Airport when you land so as to avoid costly shuttle fees. We advise you have a map and directions to your hotel at hand. Cape Town city centre, the V&A Waterfront and the Atlantic Seaboard are the most popular accommodation locations, and all are within 25 to 35 minutes drive of the airport.

Once you’ve settled in, unpacked and enjoyed perhaps a few hours relaxing while taking in spectacular sea and mountain views that are to be found from most good establishments, you’ll be ready to start your explorations of the city.

Cape Town’s best known landmark is Table Mountain – a pleasant drive to the cable car station precedes a ride to the top of this geographical icon, from the top of which extensive views of the city and beyond can be enjoyed.

On another day, relax in the comfort of your air conditioned rented car and take a scenic drive along the Atlantic Seaboard, past the renowned beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton, to Hout Bay – a picturesque fishing village. Enjoy a delectable lunch at the Marina before continuing your drive along the world famous Chapman’s Peak drive at a leisurely pace, stopping as often as you wish to take photographs of the spectacular scenery – something you can only do when you’re traveling under your own steam.

The drive takes you to the long white beach from Noordhoek to Kommetjie, then around past Scarborough to Cape Point Nature Reserve where you can easily spend many hours hiking, swimming or just admiring the indigenous flora and fauna.

One must-take-trip for visitors to Cape Town is to the Cape Winelands. Once again, while tours have their place, nothing can beat the freedom of exploring smaller wine farms, stopping for lunch wherever you wish on the spur of the moment and lingering among the vines between wine tastings as long as you desire.

Do yourself a favour and organize your Cape Town car hire as a number one priority – you won’t regret it for an instant.

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Creative Cape Town: Explore the Design Route

Every city in the world has a unique character, formed not only by the physical location and general climate but also by the attitude of the locals. It’s in the way people dress, where people spend their free time, where they eat and what they think is beautiful – the creative people of a city reflect this character in their work and send it in new directions too.

So often my first step in a new city would be to hunt down the local art galleries in an attempt to tap into the stream of creativity in a city. There are a number of diverse and very worthwhile art galleries in the city of Cape Town – galleries that showcase the very best work of our local artists, including painting, illustration and photography.

But to take this approach in Cape Town would be ignoring the deluge of creativity put into designing far more diverse elements. Going beyond just works of art there are many local crafters and designers creating very functional items – everything from ceramics, recycled bags, jewelry and beadwork to toys and textiles – all infused with the unique character of Cape Town.
Cape Town Design Route

Cape Town Tourism has recently launched a Cape Town Design Route map to complement the popular Design Indaba annual trade show that showcases the very best in South African design; a feast of African flavours and inspiration. The Design Route map features the studios, showrooms and galleries of some of Cape Town’s cutting edge designers.

Clearly marked on a map of Cape Town and with a short description and photo of what to expect at each venue, the Design Route is an easy-to-use guide to incorporate unique Capetonian design into your exploration of the more obligatory tourist attractions of this beautiful city.

Why not incorporate some inspirational design into a walking tour of central Cape Town? The map also cleverly incorporates the hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus route allowing you to travel further in your quest for unique items to buy or inspire you. If you have a hire car, the Cape Town Design Route is a great excuse to explore those parts of the city you might otherwise not experience – those way off the beaten tourist track.
Discover New Places

The suburb of Woodstock has, for example, become a thriving confluence of creativity in Cape Town. For a long time it was a forgotten suburb where people of all races lived in dilapidated Victorian cottages. Today the old Cape Town of donkey carts and second hand shops exist side by side with the young, up-and-coming professionals buying up property, as well as the art galleries and design shops that are moving in. Many great design shops can be found at the very hip Old Biscuit Mill. Visit it on a Saturday morning to catch the Neighbourhood Goods Market that showcases everything from organic nibbles to fresh design and kids stuff.

The Design Route could even take you to the “Northern suburbs” of Durbanville, Tygervalley and Brackenfell, an area where a vast number of Capetonians live in suburban bliss, but few tourists ever venture.

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