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Cheapest Car Hire in Cape Town!


A few weeks ago a cousin of mine decided to casually pop in. David, however, ‘popped in’ all the way from Johannesburg – and I live in Cape Town.

He said he didn’t want to miss the outdoor festivals that was happening and since he has loads of friends here in Cape Town, his FOMO kicked in took the wheel. So I hopped onto the cheapest flight and arrived, toggle bag in hand and stupid grin on his face. I went to collect him from the airport see, but David swiftly told me that he had hired a car for the duration of his stay AND the car was already waiting for him in the parking lot!

For only R99 a day the car was his for a month! Now I’m not really sure what car hire rates go for these days but that certainly sounded super cheap.

Check out Betta Car Hire’s website for more details.


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