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South African Driving Culture

Driving in another country can be more difficult than driving at home for the simple reasons such as different laws and the less easily identified differing driving cultures. Hopefully this guide will ease your concerns about South African Driving Culture before your trip to South Africa and aid in making it a memorable trip.

Tips to remember about South African Driving Culture:
South African drivers are known for driving at excessive speeds and rarely use indicators in a predictable way. They are also known for very aggressive driving which manifests itself with a lot of tailgating and honking of their horns. If you just drive defensively you should be fine.

As is customary in some other countries, if a car/truck pulls in to the hard shoulder to let you pass easier, it is expected that you flash your hazards to thank the other driver for letting you pass; they may flash their own headlights in response.

South Africa has one of the world’s highest road traffic fatalities so you will have to be extra careful. With this in mind it is best to avoid driving at night, as you may encounter other cars that don’t have functional lights. In rural areas you may find farmers moving their herds across the roads; and of course there may be wild animals who wander onto the roads and the bigger animals can cause quite a lot of damage to a car.

In urban areas when driving at night it is recommended that you be careful when stopping at traffic lights as this is a popular place for smash and grab robberies or even car hijackings. With this in mind it is also recommended you don’t keep any valuables visible in the car.

Hopefully this brief introduction into South African Driving Culture will aid you on your trip to this wonderful country. If you have decided that driving around South Africa is what you want to do then why not have a look at our car rental South Africa options? For more about driving in South Africa why not check out our other South Africa blogs and make your holiday to South Africa an even more unforgettable one.

If you still have some unanswered questions please ask us and we will do our best to answer them?

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Tips For an Indulgent Cape Town Holiday

Cape Town has long been the international choice of discerning travellers who are not only mesmerised by her incomparable beauty but by the sheer opulence up for grabs at an array of world-class restaurants, clubs, and premier V&A Waterfront apartments and spas.

Celebrities from all walks of life – European royalty, Hollywood movie stars, American chat show hostesses and a legion of professional sportsmen and women – choose Cape Town for a truly holistic experience of self-indulgence.

If money’s no object then take our recommended Cape Town luxury holiday, a veritable tour of extravagance and don’t forget the limo service!

A World in One City

The city is fast rivalling Paris, Tokyo and Chengdu as the cuisine capital of the world. Master Chefs, from all over the planet, are opening restaurants within the greater Cape Town. For an enviable gastronomic experience book a table at one of these exclusive eateries – Buitenverwachting, Platine, Pigalle, Haiku or Azure.

Cape Town Nightlife

Following an indulgent feast comprising fresh seafood, venison, sushi, caviar and dark Belgian chocolate, washed down with copious amounts of the finest Cape wines, head for one of the elite nightclubs, bars and lounges located in the city bowl or Atlantic seaboard.

The sophisticated Hemisphere, where the beautiful people hang out, is well positioned in the centre of town but for celeb spotting, as well as perfect dolphin and whale watching, head for Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay. Other hot clubs include Chevelle, Chrome, Mercury Live & Lounge and the local favourite, the Bang Bang Club!

Designer Shopping

No Cape Town luxury holiday will be complete without an intensive designer shopping spree. The obvious choice is the popular V&A Waterfront but locals prefer the trendy Cape Quarter in De Waterkant with its exclusive selection of decor and design stores, fashion boutiques and cotemporary African arts and crafts outlets.

Luxury Spas

Then it’s time for well-earned rest and relaxation at of one of Cape Town’s acclaimed spas. Try the Arabella Spa on the 19th floor of the 5-star Westin Grand Hotel, tipped as one of the best in the city or the stunning Sanctuary Spa at the Twelve Apostles Hotel, where the views are to die for!

Bliss at the Andros Boutique Hotel, the Librisa Spa at the iconic Mount Nelson or the Esprit de Beaute in Franschhoek, are all right up there with the best!

Excellent Accommodation

Your luxury Cape Town accommodation will undoubtedly be right on top of the extravagant wish list. Although there is a vast number of fabulous hotels in and around the city; for complete privacy as well as first class service and accessibility, select Cape Town luxury apartments in the V&A Waterfront.
You will not only be in the hub of Cape Town’s tourist centre but you’ll be within walking distance of some of the most adventurous activities in the city – helicopter flips, champagne cruises, diving with sharks at the oceanarium or simply a luxury yacht charter to the trendy Clifton Beach.

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Can I buy a property in South Africa as a non-resident?

Yes. Even if you do not plan to live in South Africa, (in fact some of our clients buy off-plan from overseas and never actually see their purchase,) you can buy property or land in South Africa. As a non-resident, you are also entitled to apply for a mortgage of up to 50% of the value of the property.
Recent speculation about possible legal changes, restricting foreign ownership, are not new news, and there may well be some type of change in the law in the future. Most countries around the world have some sort of restriction on foreign ownership of property or land, and SA is currently one of only 10 countries worldwide which does not. No-one knows what it will be or when it could happen, but at the moment these rumours have no real foundation.

What costs do I have to pay when purchasing a property in South Africa?

The biggest cost to you, as the buyer, will be a government tax called Transfer Duty which applies to all purchases over 500,000 ZAR plus conveyancing costs, transfer fees, pro-rata rates, deeds office levies and any costs associated with acquiring a rates clearance certificate. The costs of a conveyancer are fixed and calculated on a sliding scale. It is the seller who appoints the conveyancer, but the purchaser who pays. This cost is subject to VAT.
If you opt to take out a bond (mortgage) then you will also need to pay an initiation fee, valuation fee, administration fee and a registration fee.

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Tamboerskloof Holiday Apartments

Tamboerskloof Holiday Accommodation, is central and within walking distance of Cape Town City Centre and close to major tourist attraction such as the V&A Waterfront and Atlantic Seaboard.

Our Tamboerskloof Accommodation with a mix between Stately Edwardian, Funky Art Deco and African-influence architectural and also one of the oldest residential places in Cape Town, has something to suit all tastes.

With stunning views of the bay, Lion’s head and the mountain, making this Suburb indeed very popular to live as well as visit.
There is a Museum situated only a mile of Cape Town with all that’s fascinating to see, and a must for all Art lovers.

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