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Extravagant Boat Cruises – Cape Town

Not all of us have had the privilege to enjoy the luxuries of a cruise onboard a catamaran. Even less so when you live inland, but this experience is something to add to your must-do list when visiting Cape Town. When you set foot onto a luxurious 53 foot catamaran for the first time you will experience sheer extravagance.

The Tigger 2

The Tigger 2 has the capacity to cater for up to 50 people and still be comfortably spacious. Its elegance is fit for a queen and its power thrilling.

The Tigger 2 caters for all. Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise, fishing with the boys or even a corporate function, the Tigger 2 is tailor-made to provide for all. With a full catering facility on board, you can wine and dine with the best of them.

A boy’s day out

Even with lavish beauty the Tigger 2 is still rugged enough for a good boy’s day out. Set with standard cruises that include deep sea game fishing, scuba diving or even clay shooting cruises – there really is an array of things for the boys to do.

For some real adventure the Tigger 2 departs at sunrise to travel into deep sea for some exciting sport fishing. An entire day spent fishing for Tuna (Yellow fin or Long fin) miles offshore is definitely not for the weak of heart. But if deep sea Big Game fishing is not exactly your thing you’d be glad to know that you can have a fun-filled day practising your clay shooting. That’s right, clay shooting!

Departing from Hout Bay Harbour the Tigger 2 would take you to the perfect spot: Chapman’s Peak. Accompanied with a certified instructor and supplied with all the equipment you would be able to get ready, aim and shoot that clay into a million pieces. Although not exactly something you’d expect to do on a catamaran, it’s still great fun and sure to fill your day with the guys with laughter.

Something for the ladies

Grab a few of your girlfriends for a great day out. A full day cruise on the Tigger 2 is just the thing. Spend your day lying on deck, sipping on cocktails and getting the perfect tan you’ve been trying to get all summer while cruising along the wild coast of Chapman’s Peak and the Sentinel. This really is how you ought to enjoy a Cape Town summers day.

A perfect romantic setting

The perfect romantic date is usually associated with certain keywords, namely: sunset, candlelit dinner and a bit of bubbly. And this is exactly what you would be able to enjoy while wooing your gorgeous date.

You can be sure that you will make an everlasting impression when the bubbly is served and you and your loved-one are sharing an uttermost intimate moment while cruising on the Tigger 2.

Many couples have booked one of the Private Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruises for an even more intimate occasion. This crème de la crème cruise is perfect for those cherished moments when you take your relationship to the next big level or celebrating what you and your partner already have. First you will be wined and dined with a bit of bubbly and a pate platter as sun sets, followed with a four course candlelit dinner of the most decadent culinary art paired with the best of Cape wines.

After sharing a perfect moment you won’t be able to resist falling deeply in love and wish that you can spend the rest of your life with this person sailing into the untamed seas!

The Tigger 2 really does cater for every occasion, but more than that, it also aims to thrill and pleasure the individual. For a truly extravagant appreciation of Cape Town, book yourself a trip on the Tigger 2 catamaran.

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