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The secret spots of Cape Town that tours will help you find

Cape Town tours are prevalent in the city’s tourist areas and are good way to ensure you see parts of the city that are hidden or considered secret. The road networks are good and hire cars are readily available, however due to the natural geography on which the city is centred it can get confusing to somebody that is from out of town. While Cape Town city centre is small a lot of the main tourist attractions lie on the outskirts of the city and you can waste a whole day trying to find them, add to this fact that Cape Town is a peninsula and you’re dealing with a relative quagmire of maps.

Perhaps the most overlooked spot in the is right under the nose of most tourists staying in the city centre and an area that most organised Cape Town tours will take you to, this is the suburb of the BoKaap. This colourful area sits on the slopes of Signal Hill overlooking the CBD and is traditionally Muslim due to its history as the quarters of the Malaysian slaves brought to South Africa by the early Dutch settlers. The area is fast becoming gentrified as the it becomes a trendy place to live for the young up and coming but strict building codes and the fact that it is protected by heritage laws mean that the area has lost none of its old world charm. The cobbled streets and the brightly coloured houses and many cafes selling local food make this a beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon. Taking one of the many Cape Town tours of this area will allow you to learn more about an important part of the city’s rich history.

Muizenberg, Fishhoek and Simonstown down the eastern coast of the peninsula are for many tourists not a place high on the itinerary as they shun it for the trendier Camps Bay and Clifton beaches. However these small towns are full of local charm and provide some great sunbathing opportunities and scenic costal roads. This is also the route most Cape Town tours will use to get down to Cape Point, considered by most tourists to be the tip of Africa. They are however wrong the most southern point in Africa is at Cape Agulhas where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

Cape Agulhas is not a place most would choose to visit, with good reason there, is in all honesty, not a lot there to attract the average tourist beyond the spectacle and novelty of been at the point where two oceans meet. It is however a place worth a day visit with one of the Cape Town tours that leave daily for this destination, there are several little towns and areas of historical significance worth a stop along the way and an experienced tour guide will know the best places to stop, turning a potentially boring drive into a good day out.

The wine country that surrounds the area of Cape Town is extensive and probably holds one of the best reasons for taking one of Cape Town’s tours, namely wine. There can be few better ways to spend a day than visiting different farms tasting some of the best wine in the world and the last thing you need to worry about is driving yourself back. By taking a tour from Cape Town to the wine route you can relax and enjoy yourself properly, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be shuttled back to your hotel at the end of the day. There are many wine routes to choose from and an experienced tour guide will know which farms are worth a visit.

Source: Cape Town Tours


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